About Art

There was no clear guidance and great support for my education in art in the beginning as future was bleak but it may be because of genes I had decided to pursue painting as my profession and take it to next level. I always wanted to use art as platform to express my thoughts and give message to society which will bring in positive change and build a better society for future.I believe an Artist is a powerful medium to give message to society very effectively whether someone like it or not just as someone said, “You can't stop an Artist when they want to do something. They just do it.” It is all about the experience in life and strong belief in self I share my views to larger forum wherever possible.

I can do better, achieve good and quick results, if I get support from one and all. We all witness the diminishing of Art industries due to lack of infrastructure support so I request the Art lovers to extend their support to encourage Artists to bring aesthetic sense in humans life.

Qualification :

  •   M.F.A (Master of Fine Arts) in painting from S N school of Hyderabad 2001-2003.
  •   B.F.A (Bachelor of Fine0 Arts) in painting from JNTU (Hyderabad) 1995-2000.
  •   T.T.C (Technical Teachers Certificate) theory under OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER FOR GOVT., EXAMINATION. A.P 1994.
  •   T.T.T.C (Technical Teacher’s Training Certificate) course from Govt. High school, Nampally, 1994.
  •   Intermediate Grade Examination In Art From Government Of Maharastra Drawing Grade Examinations (1994).

Work Experience :

  •   Worked Arts and Craft Teacher in “Focus High School” from 2015 to 2016 , Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad.
  •   Worked as ART & CRAFT Teacher in Delhi Public School, Secunderabad from July 2006 To 2009.
  •   Worked as PST- Art Teacher in HYDERABAD PUBLIC SCHOOL, BEGUMPET, Hyderabad from June 2004 to 2005.
  •   Worked as SUPW Teacher in HYDERABAD PUBLIC SCHOOL, BEGUMPET, Hyderabad from Nov 2003 to April 2004.
  •   Worked as part-time Drawing Teacher in SREEVANI VIDHYA MANDHIR in Doodh Bowli for 3 years (1996 - 1999).
  •   Worked as part-time Drawing Teacher in SHIV SHAKTI HIGH SCHOOL in Doodh Bowli for 1 year (2000 – 2001).

Exhibitions :

  •   ICCR Art Gallery, Kala Bhavan in the Year 2018 at Hyderabad.
  •   Focus High School in the Year 2016 at Hyderabad.
  •   Hyderabad Art Society in the Year 2003 at Hyderabad.
  •   Vani Vidya Mandhir High School in the Year 1999 at Hyderabad.
  •   Kasturba Girls High School in the Year 1999 at Hyderabad.
  •   JNTU College of Fine Arts in the Year 1998 at Hyderabad.

Group show :

  •   Nehru Art gallery at JNAFAU collage Masabtank, Hyderabad 2016..
  •   Literary festival at HPS Begumpet, Hyderabad 2017.
  •   Art college at OU campus, Hyderabad 2016.
  •   State Art Gallery at Madhapur & Nehru Art gallery at JNAFAU collage Masabtank , Hyderabad 2015.
  •   Marriott and Hyderabad Art Society in the Year 2011 at Hyderabad.
  •   Kalahita Art Gallery in the year 2006 Hyderabad.
  •   Shilparamam , Daira Art Gallery in the year 2005 at Hyderabad.
  •   All India Fine Arts & Craft Gallery in the Year 2005 at New Delhi.
  •   State Art Gallery of Fine Arts in the year 2005 at Hyderabad.
  •   D.S.T Auditorium, HCU in the year 2004 at Hyderabad.
  •   Pullaiya Kala nilayam, 2002 at Janagow.

Art Camps:

  •   Participated in Art camp conducted on the occasion of Telugu Mahasabalu in 2017 Hyderabad.
  •   Participated in Art camp on the occasion of Telangana formation day, at Madhapur state Art Gallery 2016.
  •   Participated in Art camp at Paiga tombs organized by Mukta-A Telangana Women’s collective in 2016
  •   Participated in Art camp on the occasion of Telangana formation day at JNAFAU collage Masabtank in 2016.
  •   Participated in Art camp at DR Mari Channa Reddy Institute at Banjarahills which was organized by Hyderabad art society2016.
  •   Participated in Art camp conducted by Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University In 2003.
  •   Organized many painting camps in various schools.
  •   Participated in “Anti War Painting Camp” conducted by student union Association H.C.U in 2003.
  •   Participated in “Anti War Slogen and Posters Camp” Conducted by press club in 2003.
  •   Participated in painting camp conducted by S.N. School of Hyderabad in 2004.

Other Activities:

  •   Demonstrated Nirmal paintings at Shilparamam in 1999 and 2003.
  •   Participated in many social welfare art camps.
  •   Invited for the judgment in painting competitions held in many Schools.
  •   Conducted Drawing and Painting classes for “CAP” children organized by Hyderabad city police and Dr. Reddy’s foundation in June1999.
  •   Mural work (group work) on DST auditorium entrance wall.
  •   Murals done in residential and commercial places.
  •   Works are collected by interior decorators.

Additional Duties Performed:

  •   Conducted Bandhini art, Basket weaving, Nirmal painting activities at Baratiya vidya Bhavan , Focus high school , Kasturba girls High schools.
  •   Prepared Props and Back drops, soft boards for Assemblies and school events Conduction Craft activities in Autumn camps.
  •   Motivate the children for competitions organizing Art lectures and demonstrations with guest artist.
  •   Interaction with the artists in art camps and visit art galleries.
  •   Designed card for school events, Almanac cover pages, school pages Examination duties